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저는 University of Central Florida에서 회계학을 전공한 후에

 목사의 아내로서 지난 15년간 파트타임으로  목사님들과 

성도들의 세금보고를 도와드렸습니다. 

목회자들의 세금 보고는 일반 세금 보고와 많이 다릅니다.  또한 교회도 payroll service가 일반 회사와 다소 다릅니다.   교회와 목회자 전문 회계사 회사입니다.  어려움을 

겪는 목회자들을 보며 목회자의 세금 보고를 더 전문적으로 도와드리고자 솔로몬 세금 서비스를 시작하였습니다. 

I've graduated from the University of Central Florida and am currently a pastor's wife.  My major at UCF was accounting and have helped pastors and congregations as a part-time job for 15 years. Not only do the clergy and/or pastor's tax laws differ from the general tax laws, but church payroll services are also unalike from the general payroll service. My company specializes in the minister's tax laws and the church's payroll service. I see many pastors and churches who had some dilemma with their tax laws and payroll services.   The Solomon tax service was established to support them through their haggle in taxes. However, we just don't help pastors and churches, we aid individuals and small businesses with their taxes and payroll services.


Individual or Minister

Small Businesses or for Churches and Ministers

Payroll Service for Business 

Payroll Service for your Church 

Audit Protection Service & More